Black Oranges was founded by Black and Brown former Syracuse University student-athletes. We stand against systemic and everyday racism by advocating for social justice and economic empowerment. We will use our collective influence, resources and network to inspire, unify and confront systemic oppression, racial inequalities and police brutality at our alma mater, in our respective communities and throughout the world.

A Message from our Founders

Dear Syracuse University Nation, family, friends, and fellow Americans,

Black Oranges is a call to action, a movement, and a community, started by Black and Brown Americans who are former Syracuse University student-athletes and alumni. For 8 minutes and 46 seconds we all watched the horrific torture and murder of George Floyd by the people who were sworn to protect him. People can no longer hide behind the same dismissive arguments by suggesting this was an isolated incident or demanding we wait until all the facts are in. We know what we saw, and the world saw it, too. Like most of our brothers and sisters of color we share the same feelings of outrage, fear, and great sorrow over the murders of Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others who were murdered during routine traffic stops, watching tv in their beds, or simply going for a jog. Sadly, even our beloved alma mater experienced multiple acts of racial terrorism and delayed university support, prompting the Black and Brown students to mobilize the extremely effective and important #NotAgainSU movement.

Collectively, we are tired, we are outraged, and we are ready to get off the bench! Although we may not score points or race against the clock anymore, we represent the 'CUSE as doctors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and so much more. Moving forward, Black Oranges makes the pledge to use our collective influence, resources, and network to inspire, unify and confront systemic oppression, racism, racial inequalities, and police brutality at our alma mater, in our respective communities and throughout the world.

On July 4th, 2020 Black Oranges we will launch the “#GetOffTheBench” campaign and movement. We are asking everyone to get off the bench and make the pledge to do at least one thing to help end systemic racism. As a helpful resource we created a simple blueprint (find on for anyone who wants ideas on how to be an ally in the movement. Action items can be anything from reading a book to enhance your own knowledge or something more hands-on like signing up for your local police review board. We ask that you document your actions and then share the experience with the world on your social media platforms using the hashtags #getoffthebench and #blackoranges44. Our initial goal is to flood social media on July 4, with images and videos of love, charity and action. On your posts, use the hashtags #getoffthebench and #blackoranges44, like and tag Black Oranges on your Facebook , and tag @blackoranges44 on Instagram and Twitter.

Black Oranges is more than just a one-day campaign, it is a movement. We are asking all Black and Brown students, faculty, and all allies to join us to help reduce and eliminate systemic racism on college campuses, in communities of color and our country. will be our home base, an online community resource that will organically grow to fit our community’s diverse needs and wants. will educate and empower people with specific approaches to confront systemic oppression head on.

As former SU student-athletes, we thrive when challenged but we need your help. Please join us July 4th for an amazing day of solidarity, growth, and activism. Everything counts and everyone has a role to play in this movement. Let’s show America what true leadership, love, and unity looks like. Get off the bench because all lives can’t matter until “Black Lives Matter.”

Go Orange,

Black Oranges